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Looking for Post Construction Cleaning Services near Las Vegas Henderson Nevada? MGM Cleaning Las Vegas  work to provide a Construction Clean-Up that leads to a clean, polished, remodeled area.  Leading Construction and Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada. Free estimates.

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Have you recently completed a construction project or some renovation work on your home? Whatever your own unique situation is, once the construction workers and all their machinery have been moved off your property, even if the contractors cleaned up after themselves, it will never match the finish of our post-construction cleaning service:

  • Despite their best efforts, there is still dust, debris, and other materials all-around your property
  • Planning on renting it out and need it to look great, but don’t have time to clean it yourself
  • You don’t have access to industry-standard equipment and machinery
  • Want the peace of mind that comes from knowing the work has been taken care of and been handled to an impeccably high standard


At MGM Cleaning Las Vegas, we firmly believe our Post-Construction Cleaning Service offers just the right level of attention to detail you need to really make your building project look great. Our cleaning technicians are diligent and well versed in all forms of cleaning but have extensive experience particularly in cleaning up after building crews.

Post-construction cleaning includes many tasks that standard solutions to provide.

Our team will come in and clean the areas of your property, whether it’s just sections or the whole building, where work was carried out. Rather than just doing a bit of dusting and some vacuuming, we will take a deep and thorough approach.

Using only the finest cleaning products and equipment, our work will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Appliances cleaned in and out
  • Baseboards, doors, doorknobs, and light switches
  • Built-in cabinets cleaned
  • Cabinetry (vacuuming and cleaning on the inside along with cleaning on the top and outside)
  • Vacuum all carpets, the middle sections and edges
  • Dust and clear the cobwebs from ceilings
  • Vacuum and dust closet rods, drawers, and shelving
  • Clean the top, sides, back, and front of the doors
  • Dust and polish the banisters and star rating
  • Clean all electrical outlets and switches
  • Vacuum and clean all interior masonry, like marble, rock, and brick, etc.
  • Clean all floor surfaces like marble, wood, and tile using appropriate formulas
  • Ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and bulbs
  • Clean all chrome, facets, and sinks
  • Behind and underneath all appliances like tumble dryers, washing machines, stoves, and fridges
  • Clean all mantels, handrails, door and window frames and baseboards, as well as all other woodwork


The alternative to hiring us for our post-construction cleaning services is handling the work yourself. If you are not sure about investing in our services, though, check out the following benefits:

  • We are based in Orlando, FL and serve most of Central Florida (see Service Area)
  • Our team of cleaners is all trained to an extremely high standard
  • We have scored at least 4.8 out of 5 on over 50 reviews
  • 6+ years of experience working in the industry
  • We are fully certified, qualified, and insured
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If construction work has recently closed or is about to on your property, whether it’s a commercial building or a private home and you need there to be no sign a construction team was even there, get in contact.


We have a team of well-trained professionals with great attention to detail. If there is time to be included, then this is the time. Fixing the mess left behind by construction workers is a specialized task. Our team has previous experience in this field. It is a team of well-behaved people and established business habits ready to help you. We have professional cleaning equipment for any commercial or residential building. Our team affiliates are well qualified and trained with the appropriate experience to handle the post-construction cleaning task.

We also have enough workforce to handle the cleanup project because the area can be large, and you want to clean up the area quickly. We also pay attention to the type of materials that you have used in your construction and the cleaning chemical that we use. At all times, we ensure that we use-friendly and harmless chemicals that will not affect the beauty of your house.


Several nations may inflict different laws on post-construction cleanup. But you may find some deceptions in the government as builders or reformers get adequately involved in escaping the thorough cleaning of their clients. This is especially true when the full payment for the job is settled. You can avoid the headache to buy hiring us.

Our team of cleaning experts comes with the latest cleaning kits to quickly clean dust, dirt and grime from the building before applying or installing furniture and furnishings. We make sure to wash the walls before painting because the presence of dust or dirt will not allow the best paint to remain for long.

We also understand that floors should be washed and polished before applying rugs. Windows must be cleaned before curtains can be attached. Ceilings must be cleaned before installing decorative lighting. Interior decoration cannot be carried out if the building is not entirely cleaned after masonry or renovation. For this purpose, our team is always ready to make sure that your home is clean at all times.

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