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Need Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service near Las Vegas Henderson NevadaMGM Cleaning Las Vegas in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada offers professional Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service which makes the environment healthy and protects you and your family.  Best eco-friendly cleaning company for your residential and commercial needs.

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At MGM Cleaning Las Vegas , we strive to provide you with an immaculate home that is safe for you and your loved ones. Your home should look and smell clean, and you should feel wonderful relaxing in your space. The cleaning processes and products used in your home play a major role in our how clean your home actually is. To ensure that we produce superior results that live up to your expectations and our high standards, we only utilize green cleaning products that meet U.S. EPA standards and advanced cleaning processes. More than that, our skilled team is well-trained on effective and eco-friendly techniques.


Many cleaning products used by other home cleaning companies contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. One of the reasons why these products are commonly used is because their fragrance can linger longer. However, VOCs are known for causing respiratory distress, including increasing asthma and allergy symptoms. They also are damaging to the environment. MGM Cleaning Las Vegas believes that your home should smell clean because the surfaces and the air are clean rather than because of artificial and harmful fragrances.

We want the air that you breathe to be as clean as your home. We understand the need for your loved ones and pets to be as healthy as possible in your home, and we are likewise focused on promoting a healthy planet through our green cleaning services. Our green efforts extend beyond the selection of eco-friendly cleaning products. For example, one of the many other steps that we take is to use reusable microfiber cloths. By doing so, we reduce the amount of waste that we generate while cleaning your home.


MGM Cleaning Las Vegas. will comply with a program to reduce the exposure of the building occupants to potentially dangerous chemical, biological, and particle contaminants which adversely impact air quality, health, and the environment.

  • Any chemical stored in the janitor’s closets has a locked container which encloses the liquid cleaning products and delivers out proper specified measurement for dilution.
  • The solutions used by MGM Cleaning Las Vegas. are all stored in the janitor’s closet(s) and the janitorial staff must follow these guidelines:
  • Material Safety Data Sheets {MSDS) for all chemicals and cleaning products must be available to all employees and stored on site with the chemicals.
  • Janitors are trained on MSDS and Chemical Handling annually
  • All containers must be properly labeled to be easily identify abled. All cleaning products must be properly and safely stored.
  • No liquids will be placed on shelves above eye level
  • Janitors must use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when required {e.g. gloves, proper footwear, etc.)
  • Chemical dilution systems must be adhered to
  • Unnecessary amounts of chemicals should not be stored in the janitor’s closet.


Green cleaning products and processes are safe for humans and pets. They are also safe for the environment and are made using sustainable materials. Everything from their pH to their packaging and performance capabilities are carefully reviewed before we use them in our clients’ homes. When you request our green cleaning services, you can feel confident that your decision results in:

  • Decreased impact on the environment with fewer carbon emissions
  • Less waste in landfills
  • A healthier living environment for you, your family and your pets
  • A thoroughly clean home that meets your expectations


You cannot take chances with the health of your loved ones or the state of the environment. MGM Cleaning Las Vegas provides you with an eco-friendly and safe way to take advantage of regular cleaning services. You do not need to sacrifice quality or cleanliness in order to achieve your green goals. We guarantee your satisfaction with each service that we complete, so you can feel confident that we will do our best work for you each time we visit your home.

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